Discover and Explore Your Child's Talent in Architecture and the Built Environment

The benefit of kids learning architecture and the built environment is that it helps them realize the importance and real-life applications  of science, technology, engineering, arts and math.  If your child loves to draw, create, innovate, color and explore arts, you may very well have an architect waiting to be discovered.

Inform Your Child About Architecture

Architecture in the built environment is a fun and artistic way for children to engage in STEM and to discover the benefits of learning all the basic subjects taught in elementary grade level.  Architecture requires learning various skills, talents, disciplines and a variety of many different subjects related to the project they are creating.  Almost every child has something already learned from school and the society they live in that they already have something to build upon to pursue an interest in architecture of the built environment.  Give your grade-school child a taste of what future architecture brings to  keep their interest in the basic subjects required at grade school.

Expand Your Child's Future Career Options Early

Because architecture involves many trades and engineering disciplines in the industry, kids are exposed to a vast array of sneak previews to career options. To kids, this translates to a realization that what they learn today at school can bring them to many career possibilities in the future. 

What Your Child Will Learn at Our Summer Camps and After-school Enrichment Classes

At KidZ Engineering 101, Inc., your child will gain appreciation of architecture and the built environment, encompassing art, social studies, language arts, history, science and math. They will study visual relationships and compose physical characteristics of size, shape, proportion and scale among many others things. Your child will learn how to think like Architects do.

The foundation of our curriculum is to teach the basic principles and concept of Architecture; your child will gain the knowledge to design his/her own project out of that foundation. And the biggest benefit to studying architecture is that it branches out to Engineering and Project Management and many other career options.

Hi Irene, Your presentation was just great! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and passion. The students were captivated and you stimulated new interest and curiosity. Thank you for your kindness and generosity in sharing your time and talent.
Karen Morse, M.A.
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