Mar 01, 2016 at 01:12 PM

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Study Architecture

By Kidz Engineering 101

1.   Architecture has far deeper meaning than designing buildings. It is the most diverse subject you can find. While you study Architecture, you get to study various fields of human endeavor, including Science, Technology Engineering, Art, Math, History, Material Science, Physics, Engineering… anything and everything that can help improve the living environment of human beings.

2.   Architecture is never boring. The work of an Architect one of the most challenging, fun and rewarding. It is constantly evolving with emerging technology, materials and construction methods, increased energy and public demands.

3.  Architecture stretches your artistic freedom and personal expression, and there is no right or wrong. Meeting all requirements and making it work keeps you alive and challenged. Every project is faced with different Owners, different taste, and different budget. Therefore, every building is different.

4.  The older you get, the better you get. You can practice the profession of architecture for as long as you want with big and small firms, working for others or working on your own project, with the role of project architect, designer, manager or consultant Once an Architect, always an Architect.

6.  The variety of career options within the profession is incredible. With a little bit of extra classes, you can be any of the following:

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Irene provided an engaging, hands on activity for my students, complete with essential background information and real world connections. My students really enjoyed planning a model city built to withstand natural disasters, and Irene helped them test their plan in creative and innovative ways.
Ms. Ashley 3rd/4th Grade Teacher
Knox School for Gifted and Talented Children