Learn Engineering

at club KE101 Summer Camp


Engineering by its very nature inspires innovation and leadership. It offers flexibility and variety as in research, development, and manufacturing, to name a few. In fact, many leading people in business have a qualification in engineering.

The building industry deals with many disciplines of Engineering. To name a few, before hitting the ground, Land Surveyors, Geological Engineers and Environmental Engineers are involved. Excavating the ground, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Plumbing Engineers are involved. While building the structure from the ground up, Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and sometimes Industrial Engineers are involved. Additionally, there are many types of Contractors and Subcontractors that provide various material, services, and expertise to bring the project to completion. 

At Club KE101 Engineering, we always look for ways to expand our subjects to encompass as many disciplines of engineering as possible. The complexity of the subject is explained to match the grade level of the group. By exposing them to the many disciplines of engineering, your child gets a sneak preview of various Engineering career paths early.

What Your Child Will Learn at Summer Camp

To the younger group, we talk to them at a level they can understand. Other than simple math, there is no engineering calculations involved. Design is experienced with human sensory perception. They practice cause and effect, investigate, and do trial and error or process of elimination when solving problems. We give them ideas on how to solve the problem. 

Whether we are using LEGO, recycled material, found material or real building material, all our camps (grade levels 1st thru 9th) always run with academic lectures from professionals in the industry. We always try to bring portable REAL professional equipment and tools for kids to investigate, touch, and experiment with. 

Engineers in the Building Industry work with Architects and many workers and organizations, all simultaneously working on one and the same project, not to mention dealing with all the equipment and material delivered to the jobsite. Architecture and Engineering branch out to Project Management. Our more advanced classes teach Project Management.

NOTE:  Every year, each class has a specific lesson plan depending on the schedule, age group, availability of Guest Speakers, and material available.  Also, the presence of repeat students and their level of experience differ.  The basic lesson plan is as described on the schedule.  However, the lesson plan may be tweaked to suit the needs and ability of the group.

Irene provided an engaging, hands on activity for my students, complete with essential background information and real world connections. My students really enjoyed planning a model city built to withstand natural disasters, and Irene helped them test their plan in creative and innovative ways.
Ms. Ashley 3rd/4th Grade Teacher
Knox School for Gifted and Talented Children