Irene Rinta is the President and Founder of KidZ Engineering 101, Inc., a nonprofit corporation teaching Architecture, Engineering and Project Management to elementary children.  It is based in Solvang, CA.  Irene has a degree in B. S. in Architecture and practiced her license in the Philippines.  While working in the United States since 1987, she continued studies in Project Management at San Francisco State University and San Jose State University, and later became an Associate of the American Institute of Architects in Santa Barbara, CA.  She worked in the design field for a few years and quickly moved into Engineering and Project Management. 

Additionally, on the side and in between her career transition, Irene involved herself with many art projects.  To upgrade her skills in the art side of architecture, she took lessons on graphic arts, murals, trompel'oeil, and faux finishes.  She has participated in Santa Barbara's I' Madonarri Chalk Festival and Lompoc's One-day Mural events.  Her artistic talent immediately bloomed and turned into a business through word of mouth.  She also has volunteered at some schools and community centers and helped out with designing props for stage theatrical plays.

The last half of her career as a corporate professional was spent in Project Management because she loves working with people. In particular, the elevator industry is where she gained exposure and interfaced with various disciplines of engineering and trades in the construction industry, knowledge she now can share with the kids. 

Irene left the corporate world in 2010 to take care of her family, including her 5 year old gifted child.  But this is not to say that motherhood made her leave the work force.  Motherhood, her technical experience, creativity and passion, and America’s push for technology and innovation all merged like natural forces that brought her here at the best and most enjoyable time of her life, working with people, the little people…..children soon to be the Architects, Engineers and Managers of our future world.  Welcome to KidZ Engineering 101, Inc.


Hi Irene, Your presentation was just great! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and passion. The students were captivated and you stimulated new interest and curiosity. Thank you for your kindness and generosity in sharing your time and talent.
Karen Morse, M.A.
The Knox School of Santa Barbara 1525 Santa Barbara St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 222-0107