Los Olivos Elem. School (exclusive)


Interior Design is like icing on the cake, and kids just devour this activity.  After building their structure, they make it look liveable by finishing and decorating it with REAL decorating material such as: tiles with grout, varnish, paint, wall paper, mirror, leather and elegant fabric, to name a few.  This is when their imagination and creativity soar and there is no stopping them. 

Decorating happens at the end of the workshop, and in most cases, our students enjoy their projects and prefer to keep working to the last minute to add features, as if they are in a marathon to make the best project they could ever take home.


If your child has been to our previous camps and have built their structure and want to build more, check out LEVEL-2.  Here's what they can do:

Access our unique and fine material specially picked and designed to make your house look like a model home designed by a professional interior designer, and that would be you! You may renovate or add to your structure, install a staircase and add a second floor, redesign or change your furniture and appliances, replace doors and window panels, add decorations or accent pieces, or re-landscape with outdoor furniture and build a new gazebo.This class is a continuation of Level-1, for those who have built their structure from previous classes and may be attended for a day or more. The price is on a per day basis. Specify the number of days and let me know on the notes section what day you want tot attend.

Hi Irene, Your presentation was just great! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and passion. The students were captivated and you stimulated new interest and curiosity. Thank you for your kindness and generosity in sharing your time and talent.
Karen Morse, M.A.
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