Guest Speakers Resources

I once provided a camp at an elementary school. In a room with about 50 2nd graders, I asked them, "What do you want to be when you grow up?". More than half of the kids that spoke said they wanted to be a Teacher. That's because the Teachers are the models they see everyday.

Kidz Engineering 101, Inc. is blessed with many professionals that volunteer their time to work with our children. Through our collaboration, they come up with presentations to best suit the topic of the camp and demonstrate the real-life application of the subject. The preparation time and effort to haul their material to the classroom were precious time carved out of their very busy schedule. They serve as the perfect example of what kids can be when they study and learn at school.

What better model can you have for your children than the person practicing it in real life and making a career out of it? See them below at work below.

Also, watch our students demonstrate what they learned. It is a TRUE testimonial straight from our students in their own words. (Please go to the Testimonial page.)

Irene provided an engaging, hands on activity for my students, complete with essential background information and real world connections. My students really enjoyed planning a model city built to withstand natural disasters, and Irene helped them test their plan in creative and innovative ways.
Ms. Ashley 3rd/4th Grade Teacher
Knox School for Gifted and Talented Children