Learn Project Management

at club KE101 Summer Camp

Project Management

Project Management is the process and activity of planning and organizing resources to achieve specific goals. Construction project resources include: time, money, equipment, technology, people and materials. The project management triangle is: Scope, Schedule and Cost. These are parts and pieces of the big picture that Project Managers own and breath through the life cycle of the project. 

What Your Child Will Learn at Summer Camp

While KE101 lessons on Design and Planning start at 1st Grade Level, our Project Management curriculum for older kids include understanding the Project Management triangle: scope, schedule and cost as well. As builders, they are taught to understand the contract before execution, and check it again at completion. 

To kids, these translate to: what you need to do, when and how long it will take to do, and the cost and impact of doing so. This skill is directly transferable to their daily lives as kids, even to as simple as doing 
homework, chores or preparing for a trip. Administering contracts help kids learn a more sophisticated way of "keeping promises". We teach children how to manage their own lives while having fun with KidZ Engineering 101, Inc., a nonprofit corporation.

Hi Irene, Your presentation was just great! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and passion. The students were captivated and you stimulated new interest and curiosity. Thank you for your kindness and generosity in sharing your time and talent.
Karen Morse, M.A.
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